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Artefact ID145
TM IDTM 33286
Findspot (DEChriM ID)30   (al-Ašmūnayn)
Writing mediumSheet/roll
Text contentDocumentary

P.Cair.Preis. 20: List of liturgists.

List of liturgists who are residents of the East Town quarter of Hermopolis and perform their liturgies in that quarter of the city, with the addition of the names of their guarantors. The list includes someone called Makarios, son of Soïs, deacon (l. 20: Μακάριος Σόϊτος διάκ(ων)). It is not sure whether this should be interpreted in an ecclesiastical sense, since, on the basis of an imperial ruling of October 313 AD (Codex Theodosianus XVI 2), the clergy were exempted from liturgies. The name Makarios may point to either a pagan or Christian background. The editor suggests that the most simple explanation for the inclusion of a deacon is the provisional character of the list, which allowed for the elimination of flaws afterwards (Salomons 2014, intro).

Selection criteriaMention of Christian cult officials/institutions
Date from356
Date to357
Dating criteria

The list is given for the 15th new indiction i.e. 356/357 (BL VIII 76 = Lewis 1982: 119, n. 9).

Absolute/relative dateAbsolute date
Archaeological context-
Accession number

Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 10470



Reference edition:

Salomons, Robert P. 2014. P.Cair.Preis. 2nd ed. Papyrologica Bruxellensia 35. Bruxelles, 42-46: no. 20.

Editio princeps:

Preisigke, Friedrich. 1911. Griechische Urkunden des Aegyptischen Museums zu Kairo. Schriften der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft zu Strassburg 8. Strasbourg, 16-18: no. 20.

Additional bibliography:

• Grenfell, Bernard P. and Arthur S. Hunt. 1903. Greek Papyri. Oxford, 59: no. 10470 (descr.).

Lewis, Naphtali. 1982. The compulsory Public services of Roman Egypt. Papyrologica Florentina 11. Florence.

Valérie Schram, Victor Ghica, 2021, 2023
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Valérie Schram, Victor Ghica, 2021, 2023, "Artefact ID 145", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,