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Artefact ID306
TM IDTM 33473
Findspot (DEChriM ID)30   (al-Ašmūnayn)
Writing mediumSheet/roll
Text contentDocumentary

P.Herm. 15: fragmentary letter.

The letter is addressed to one's "Lord father" and concerns arrangement made with regard to wine and a donkey needing a veterinary surgeon for his foot. Beginning and end of the letter are missing. The first line (Θ(ε)ῷ) might be the end of Christian greetings "in God".

The editor notes that "The neat hand and atrocious spelling form an odd contrast".

Recto: upright hand, slightly ornamental. Use of nomen sacrum. Text written across the fibres. Verso: (according to the editor) few traces, illegible, maybe of a word in the address.

Selection criteriaChristian terms/formulas/concepts, Nomina sacra
Date from375
Date to425
Dating criteria


Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context-
Accession number

Manchester, John Rylands Library P. Herm. 15


Editio princeps

• Rees, Brinley R. 1964. Papyri from Hermopolis and Other Documents of the Byzantine Period. Egypt Exploration Society, Graeco-Roman Memoirs 42. London, no. 15.

Additional bibliography

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Valérie Schram, 2021
Suggested citation
Valérie Schram, 2021, "Artefact ID 306", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,