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Artefact ID474
TM IDTM 62335
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Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary

Pap.Flor. XLV 3; KV66; P.Bon. 1 + P.Haun. inv. 319;

A papyrus fragment ( 17.5 x 10.3 cm) from a codex containing Origenes Homily 35 on Luke, and Homily 25 (?) on Matthew.

The homilies are written in the codex format, and the folio is structured so that the verso precedes the recto.

The first 8 lines of text comprise the end of the 35th homily on Luke. Line 9 gives a title: εἰς τὸ κατὰ Μα<θ>θαῖον, which introduces a segment of either a homily or a commentary on Matth. 24.7. This occupies the rest of the lines (lines 10-22) on the verso as well as the entirety of the recto.

The script is a slightly right-leaning, careful uncial, and punctuation takes the shape of double points. The text contains several nomina sacra, and there is a decorative divider in l. 9 before the title that introduces the section on Matthew. A rough breathing is marked in l. 7. 

The fragment appears to be from a copy contemporary to, or slightly later, than Origenes himself; see VanHaelst 1976: 248.

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Theological), Subliterary genre (Liturgical), Nomina sacra
Date from250
Date to325
Dating criteria

Palaeography. The ed. pr. suggests a date in the 3rd c. The most recent date (and of 3rd/beginning of 4th c.) has been given by the palaeographer Pasquale Orsini in a letter.

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

Provenance unknown. 

Accession number

Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria, P. 12 (Numero d'entrata 122822) + Copenhagen, Carlsberg Papyrus Collection P.Haun. 319.


Reference edition:

∙ Otranto, Rosa. 2016. "Origene, Omelia XXXV sul Vangelo di Luca: P.Bon. 1+P.Haun. inv. 319". Pap.Flor. XLV: E sì d'amici pieno: omaggio di studiosi italiani a Guido Bastianini per il suo settantesimo compleanno. Casanova, A., G. Messeri and R. Pintaudi, eds. Firenze. 17-25, papyrus no. 3 (image on 25).

Editio princeps (P.Bon. 1)

∙ Vogliano, Achille. 1939. "Frammenti di due omelie di Origene". Byzantinisch-neugriechische Jahrbücher 15. 130-136.

Additional bibliography

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Sofia Heim, 2021
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