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Artefact ID496
TM IDTM 62042
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Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary

P.Laur. III 55

Parchment fragments containing the Book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 26:1-2, 5-7, 27:29-30 and 28:1-8.

Two small parchment fragments (fragment A 5 x 2.7 cm; fragment B 5.7 x 8 cm) from different folios belonging to the same codex.

On fragment A, the hair-side precedes the flesh-side contextually, and on fragment B the flesh-side precedes the hair-side. The fragments could possibly constitute folios 2 and 7 of a quaternio; see Kraft 1982: 93. The original height is estimated to have been approx. 11 cm, producing a codex of a small format. The side margins have been lined by incision. Nomina sacra could be assumed in the lacunae; see Kraft 1982: 93.

The hand is a Biblical majuscule. 

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Biblical)
Date from350
Date to450
Dating criteria

Palaeography. The ed. pr. places the fragment in the 4th c.; the script is comparable to  P.Vindob. G 19890 (Paul Romans from the 4th c., Fayûm) and P.Vindob. G 31489 (Paul Thessalonians from the late 5th c., provenance N/A). The date has more recently been expanded to include the first half of the 5th c. by comparison with the Codex Colberto-Sarravianus (4/5 c.). 

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

Provenance is unknown.

Accession number

Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, PL III 424


Editio princeps:

∙ Pintaudi, Rosario, ed. 1979. Dai Papiri della Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana III. Florence,  no. 55 and pl. 52. 

Additional bibliography:

Treu, Kurt. 1982. "Christliche Papyri VIII". Archiv für Papyrusforschung 28, 93. 

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Sofia Heim, 2021
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Sofia Heim, 2021, "Artefact ID 496", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,