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Artefact ID499
TM IDTM 220465
Findspot (DEChriM ID)24   (Dišnā)
Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary

P.Bodmer XX + IX; PB P, Apology of Phileas and Psalms Codex

Papyrus codex containing the Apology of Phileas (P.Bodmer XX); Psalms 33-34 (P.Bodmer IX). 

Bodmer Lab description: P.Bodmer 20+9 contains the text of the Apology of Phileas followed by Psalms 33 and 34, copied in a different hand. P.Bodmer 9 ends in the middle of a verse (34:17), but the stop is natural, and a blank space is left, suggesting that the ending here was intentional and that no further text followed. Testuz argued that P.Bodmer 20+9 was a part of the codex consisting of P.Bodmer 5+10+11+7+13+12+8. The leaves are roughly the same size, but there is no clear codicological connection linking P.Bodmer 20+9 to the codex, although all these leaves seem to have been acquired at roughly the same time.

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Biblical), Literary genre (Theological), Nomina sacra
Date from325
Date to399
Dating criteria


Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context-
Accession number

Cologny, Fondation Bodmer 20 + 9 (PB P)


Editio princeps

• Martin, Victor. 1964. Papyrus Bodmer XX, Apologie de Philéas, évêque de Thmouis. Cologny-Genève

• Testuz, Michel. 1959. Papyrus Bodmer VII—IX, L'Épître de Jude, les deux Épîtres de Pierre, les Psaumes 33 et 34. Cologny-Genève.

Valérie Schram, 2021
Suggested citation
Valérie Schram, 2021, "Artefact ID 499", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,