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Artefact ID502
TM IDTM 61797
Findspot (DEChriM ID)23   (al-Šayḫ ʿIbāda)
Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary

P.Ant. I 11; Gregory-Aland 0231

Parchment fragment containing the Second Gospel of Matthew 26:75 - 27:1.3-4.

The fragment (measuring 5.9 x 4.8 cm) preserves 9 lines of text in a column on each side. The ed. pr. estimates that the folio originally had two columns per page, with 15 lines per column. 

The script is a Biblical majuscule, and punctuation appears in the form of the high point.

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Biblical)
Date from300
Date to499
Dating criteria

Palaeography. The ed. pr. places the fragment in the 4th c., and Cavallo has since placed it closer to the end of the 4th c.; see Cavallo 1967: 67.

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

The fragment was discovered in al-Šayḫ ʿIbāda (Antinoopolis).

Accession number

Oxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms, P.Ant. 11.


Editio princeps:

∙ Roberts, Colin Henderson, ed. 1950. The Antinoopolis Papyri I. London. 23-24, 107, papyrus no. 11.

Additional bibliography:

∙ Cavallo, Guglielmo. 1967. Ricerche sulla maiuscola biblica. Firenze: Le Monnier. 67 and plate no. 48b.

∙ van Haelst, Joseph. 1976. Catalogue des papyrus littéraires juifs et chrétiens. Paris. Description no. 383.

∙ Zuntz, Günther. 1949. "Note on Matthew 26:34 and 26:75". Journal of Theological Studies 50 (199/200). 182-183.

Sofia Heim, 2021
Suggested citation
Sofia Heim, 2021, "Artefact ID 502", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,