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Artefact ID515
TM IDTM 62341
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Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary

P.Achmim 1; P.Bour. 3 + BN Copte 135 B 17 Vo + Suppl. grec 1099 

Papyrus fragments containing Origenes (?) Homiliae on the Corinthians of either John or Paul.

The ref. ed. mentions a close similarity to the style of Origines; further attibution to Origenes is credited to G. Ausenda; see Ausenda 1940: 44.

The fragments are comprised of the published P.Bour. 3 together with two fragments from Bibliothèque Nationale (Copte 135 B 17 verso + Suppl. grec 1099). In the composite publication of P.Achmim 1, the two BN fragments have been added to P.Bour. 3.

P.Bour. 3 consists of 6 fragments, which preserve 4 columns of text. The columns range between 24-27 lines of text, the largest measuring 25 x 17 cm.

P.Achmim 1 adds to P.Bour. 3 three fragments: The two smallest pieces are catalogued under the inv. no. Copte 135 B 17. The larger fragment (Suppl. grec 1099) contains 10 lines of text as well as a blank line, and is assigned to P.Bour. 3 col. ii by Wilcken (see Wilcken 1927: 304-305). The two smaller fragments are assigned to P.Bour. 3 col. i and iii in the ref. ed. The sequence of the columns, i.e., col. iii, i, iv, then ii with the addition of Suppl. grec 1099 is suggested by Schmidt (see Schmidt 1928: 151).

The text has been copied in a codex made from a repurposed papyrus roll, and occupies the verso of different documentary texts from the end of the 2nd c. Panopolis: The texts on the same object include the documentary texts P.Achmim 6+P.Bour. 41b (197, Panopolis), P.Achmim 7 (196, Panopolis), P.Achmim 8 (197, Panopolis), P.Achmim 9 (175-199, Panopolis) and P.Bour. 41 a col. 2-3 (196/197, Panopolis). These were cut from a papyrus roll and glued together to be reused as a codex.

In addition to the Greek texts in the codex, two Coptic Christian texts have been added on the verso of the documentary texts: BnF Copte 135 B 4 (verso) (Exodus 11-7.4 passim, 4th c. Panopolis) and BnF Copte 135 B 6 (verso) (Ecclesiasticus 22.17-23.6, 4th c. Panopolis).

The codex is estimated to have measured approx. 25 x 17 cm, with 25 lines of text per column.

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Theological), Nomina sacra
Date from350
Date to499
Dating criteria

Palaeography. Wilcken (1927: 305) and the ed. pr. of P.Bour. 3 date the fragments to the 5th c., while the ref. ed. places them in the range of the 4/5 c.

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

The provenance of the fragments is possibly the White Monastery (Deir al-Abiad) in the vicinity of Panopolis; see Wilcken 1927: 304-305.

P.Achmim 1 was acquired by the Bibliothèque Nationale in 1887.

Accession number

Paris, Sorbonne, Institut de Papyrologie, inv. Sorb. 828 [P.Bouriant 3] + Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Copte 135 B 17 Vo + Suppl. grec 1099 [P.Achmim 1].


Reference edition:

∙ Collart, Paul, ed. 1930. Les Papyrus grecs d'Achmîm à la Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris. Cairo. (BIFAO 31). 32-111, papyrus no. 1.

Editio princeps:

∙ Collart, Paul, ed. 1926. Les Papyrus Bouriant. Paris. 6. Papyrus no. 3 and plate no. 1.

Additional bibliography:

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Sofia Heim, 2021
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