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Artefact ID84
TM IDTM 107745
Findspot (DEChriM ID)34   (Ǧabal al-Ṭārif)
Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary

Nag Hammadi Codex V

Papyrus codex containing a variety of Gnostic texts in Coptic (Sahidic dialect), said to have been discovered along with 12 other codices in an area near Nag Hammadi, although the precise context and circumstance of their discovery in 1945 remains unclear (Nongbri 2018, 108-115). The contents of Nag Hammadi Codex V include: 

pp. A-B: blank;
pp. 1-17 (NHC V, 1): Epistula Eugnosti (Eugnostos the Blessed; CC 0658), with final title on p. 17;
pp. 17-24 (NHC V, 2): Apocalypsis Pauli (Apocalypse of Paul; CC 0646) with initial title on p. 17 and final title on p. 24;
p. 24-44 (NHC V, 3): Apocalypsis Iacobi 1 (First Apocalypse of James; CC 0644), with initial title on p. 24 and final title on p. 44;
p. 44-63 (NHC V, 4): Apocalypsis Iacobi 2 (Second Apocalypse of James; CC 0645), with initial title on p. 44 (final title lost). Between p. 44 and p. 45, a bifolium corresponding to the centre of the quire is left blank and whose pages are called C, D, E, and F in Facsimile NHC V;
p. 64-85 (NHC V, 5): Apocalypsis Adam (Apocalypse of Adam; CC 0643), with initial title on p. 64 and final title on p. 85. P. 68 is left blank and whose pages are called G in Facsimile NHC V;
p. H-J: blank (p. H corresponding to the verso of p. 85).

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Non-canonical), Coptic language
Date from300
Date to399
Dating criteria-
Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context-
Accession number

Cairo, Coptic Museum NH 10548


Editio Princeps

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Additional Bibliography

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Mary Jane Cuyler, 2020
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