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Place names
GreekΠορφυρίτης | Πορφυρίτου ὄρος | Πορφυριτικὰ μέταλλα
Arabicجبل أبو دخان
EnglishPorphyrites | Porphyritou Oros | Porphyritika Metalla | Gebel Dokhan | Gebel Abu Dukhan | Wadi Maamal | Wadi Abu Maamel
French Mons Porphyrites | Gebel Abou Dokhan
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DEChriM ID65
Trismegistos GeoID2771
Pleiades ID766391
Ancient namePorphyritēs
Modern nameǦabal Abū Duḫān
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Archaeological research

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Victor Ghica, Rhiannon Williams, 2021
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Victor Ghica, Rhiannon Williams, 2021, "Ǧabal Abū Duḫān", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,
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