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Artefact ID25
TM IDTM 107771
Findspot (DEChriM ID)-   ()
Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary, Subliterary

Crosby-Schøyen Codex MS 193 [Schüssler sa 40lit]

Papyrus codex containing Melito, On the Passover; 2 Maccabees; 1 Peter; Jonah; Homily written in Coptic (Sahidic dialect). According to the Schøyen collection website, it is possibly the earliest known complete text of the two books of the Bible, Jonah and 1 Peter. Of the latter there is also a Greek papyrus slightly later, ca. 300, from the same hoard, now in the Vatican. The present 1 Peter might have been copied from a Greek exemplar written before 2 Peter existed, i.e. ca. 60-130.  Texts 2 and 4 are also the earliest witnesses. Text 5 is unique. Probably the oldest Christian liturgical MS. One of the earliest extant MSS in codex form, and the oldest book in private ownership. It is thought to have been copied from an earlier exemplar in Alexandria and then kept at Dishna (Pachomian monastery); however, there is no solid evidence to support this provenance history.

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Biblical), Literary genre (Theological), Subliterary genre (Liturgical), Coptic language
Date from250
Date to350
Dating criteria

14C dating; contents; comparanda; probable find context (Lundhaug 2020).

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

Unclear provenance; the codex is thought to belong to the hoard known as the "Bodmer Papyri", consisting of 9 Greek papyrus scrolls, 22 papyrus codices and ca. 7 vellum codices in Greek and Coptic. These MSS are now mainly located in Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, Geneva. Some of the documents were reportedly found at Ǧabal Abū Mannāʿ near Dishna (Upper Egypt) in 1952 (part of the “Dishna Papers” alongside several other Bodmer Papyri), possibly the location of a Pachomian monastery, see Robinson 2011, Lundhaug 2018.

Accession number

Oslo, Private collection Schøyen MS 193.

sa 40lit (Schüssler)


Editio princeps

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Additional bibliography

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Mary Jane Cuyler, Matthias Müller, 2020, 2021
Suggested citation
Mary Jane Cuyler, Matthias Müller, 2020, 2021, "Artefact ID 25", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,