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Artefact ID255
TM IDTM 117814
Findspot (DEChriM ID)28   (al-Bahnasā)
Writing mediumCodex
Text contentLiterary

P.Oxy. LXXIII 4934 containing the First Epistle of Peter; Gregory-Aland P125; Gregory-Aland 𝔓125

The fragment preserves 44 fragmentary lines from a codex containing the First Epistle of Peter, 1:23-2:5, 7-12. The handwriting is medium size, slightly right-sloping, largely bilinear; traits of the Severe Style comparable to the Christian letters P.Herm. 4, P.Herm. 5 and to P.Oxy. VII 1008 (see Blumell/Wayment 2015: 163).

If the date is correct, this could be the earliest evidence of the epistles of Peter in Oxyrhynchus; see ed. pr.

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Biblical), Nomina sacra
Date from275
Date to325
Dating criteria


Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

The fragment was found in al-Bahnasā (Oxyrhynchos) during the excavations of Bernard Grenfell and Arthur S. Hunt.

Accession number

Oxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms 102/96(c).


Editio princeps:

∙ Obbink, Dirk, N. Gonis, et al., eds. 2009. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, part LXXIII. Published by the Egypt Exploration Society in Graeco-Roman Memoirs. London. 17-124, no. 4934.

Additional bibliography:

∙ Blumell, Lincoln H. and Thomas A. Wayment. 2015. Christian Oxyrynchus: Texts, Documents and Sources. Waco, Texas. Papyrus no. 39.

∙ Caulley, Thomas Scott. 2011. "The 'Chrestos/Christos' Pun (1 Pet 2:3) in 𝔓 72 and 𝔓 125." Novum Testamentum 53 (4). 376-87.

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Sofia Heim, 2021
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Sofia Heim, 2021, "Artefact ID 255", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,