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Artefact ID673
TM IDTM 34104
Findspot (DEChriM ID)2   (Šams al-Dīn)
Writing mediumDipinto
Text contentSubliterary

I.Oasis p. 36-38, no. 49; SB XX 14799; SEG XXXVIII 1776: Invocatio.

Large inscription painted in blue and framed inside a tabula ansata measuring 66 x 37 cm.

Invocatio to Lord Jesus Christ for the protection of Kyros, son of Gauanes, and of his family, including his son Eudoxios, soldier of the legion of Hermonthis, Eutychos (?), armatura of Apollonos, but also one Apa Victor and one Antinoos, qualified as "faithful". The inscription was written while under command of Dioscoros, princeps of Mounesis, and Georgios (or Sergios?), chief of the curiales (of Hibis).


Apollonos stands for Apollonos Ano / Edfu where was stationed the Legio Secunda Traiana: see I.Oasis p. 32-33, no. 31.

A caballarius of the Legio Secunda Valentiana stationed in Hermonthis, also wrote his name on the wall, see I.Oasis p. 34, no. 40.

Selection criteriaMention of Christian cult officials/institutions, Mention of Christian individuals/communities, Christian terms/formulas/concepts
Date from300
Date to399
Dating criteria

Palaeography and archaeological context (Wagner 1987: 27 and 182).

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

Church, kathesterion, south wall, upper part.

Accession number

Šams al-Dīn, in situ


Editio princeps

• Wagner, Guy. 1987. Les oasis d'Egypte à l'époque grecque, romaine et byzantine d'après les documents grecs. Le Caire: Ifao, 37-38, no. 49.

Additional bibliography

• Bingen, Jean.1999. "L'épigraphie grecque de l'Egypte post-constantinienne".  In XI congresso internazionale di epigrafia greca e latina : Roma, 18-24 settembre 1997, Atti II, Rome, 613-624 (esp. 616-618).

Valérie Schram, 2021
Suggested citation
Valérie Schram, 2021, "Artefact ID 673", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,
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