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Artefact ID747
TM IDTM 34346
Findspot (DEChriM ID)1   (Dūš)
Writing mediumOstracon
Text contentDocumentary

O.Douch I 10: Payment order.
Very fragmentary; mention of one Paulos.

Selection criteriaChristian onomastics
Date from375
Date to425
Dating criteria

Palaeography, dossier connection (onomastics, monetary and metrological information, indictional dates) and archaeological context, see Cuvigny and Wagner 1986: ix-x and Carrié 2004: 262-263. 

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

"Dos temple" (Cuvigny 1988: 86)

Accession number

Cairo, Coptic Museum; Dūš, excavations IFAO 1976 without inv. number.


Editio princeps

• Cuvigny, Hélène and Guy Wagner. 1986. Les ostraca grecs de Douch, vol. I. Documents de Fouilles 24/1. Cairo: Ifao, no. 10 (and vol. II, pl. XIX).

Additional bibliography

• Carrié, Jean-Michel. 2004. "Portarenses (douaniers), soldats et annones dans les archives de Douch, Oasis Major". In Mélanges d'antiquité tardive : studiola in honorem Noël Duval, edited by C. Balmelle, P. Chevalier et G. Ripoll. Turnhout, 261-274.

• Cuvigny, Hélène. 1988. "O.Douch I : Addenda et corrigenda." In Les ostraca grecs de Douch, vol. II, edited by H. Cuvigny and G. Wagner. Cairo: Ifao, 85-88.

• Gascou, Jean and Guy Wagner. 1978. "Les ostraca grecs de Douch", In "Douch - Rapport préliminaire de la campagne de fouilles 1976". BIFAO 78, 28-32.

Valérie Schram, 2021
Suggested citation
Valérie Schram, 2021, "Artefact ID 747", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,