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Artefact ID755
TM IDTM 62348
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Writing mediumSheet/roll
Text contentLiterary

P.Köln IV 174; P.Koeln IV 174; Pachomius' letter 07

Parchment fragments from a roll containing the Pachomian letters in Greek. 

Three Kölner fragments measure 4,5 x 2,7 cm (fr. A); 8,5 x 2,2 cm  (fr. B) and 5,2 x 2,3 cm (fr. C) and belong to the Chester Beatty roll containing the letters of Pachomius. The roll is supposedly an archival copy made for the Pachomian Monastic Library (probably at Pboou / Fāw al-Qiblī) of Pachomius' Letters 1-3, 7, 10 and 11a, and would have measured approximately 100 x 15 cm originally (consisting of 5 kollemata), with text on the flesh-side extending to the first third of the hair-side; see ed. pr. The text is arranged in one column with lines that are parallel to the shortside of the roll (rotulus).

The fragments preserve parts of 17 lines of the 30 lines missing from the Chester Beatty-roll in Letter 7 of the Pachomian letters. The verso (hair-side) is left blank, as the fragments were written on the fifth kollema which did not contain any text on the verso. The decreasing breadth of the column indicates that the text narrowed towards the end of the letter.

The hand is described as a semi-cursive bookhand with calligraphic tendencies; see ed. pr. The scribe does not employ accentuation regularly (mostly in the shape of a circumflex above eta and omega), and punctuation appears sparingly and in the shape of a mid/high-point. There are several diaereses and apostrophes, as well as abbreviations (on occasion, καί is abbreviated as well as line-end nu) and nomina sacra.

Selection criteriaLiterary genre (Theological), Nomina sacra, Writing medium suggestive of Christian context
Date from400
Date to499
Dating criteria

Palaeography. Dated to the 4th c. in the ed. pr., which was delineated to the second half of the 4th c. According to TM, Torallas Tovar 2021: 82 reassigned the document to 5th c.

Absolute/relative dateRelative date
Archaeological context

The provenance is unknown.

Accession number

Cologne, Papyrussammlung P. 3288 + Dublin, Chester Beatty Library W 145 [W 129 on website]


Reference edition:

· Römer, Cornelia. 1982. Kölner Papyri IV. Kramer, B., C. Römer and D. Hagedorn, eds. Opladen. 1982. 90-98, no. 174 and plate no. 7.

Editio princeps:

· Quecke, Hans. 1975. Die Briefe Pachoms: griechischer Text der Handschrift W. 145 der Chester Beatty Library : Anhang: Die koptischen Fragmente und Zitate der Pachombriefe. Regensburg: Pustet.

Additional bibliography:

· Froschauer, H. and C. Römer, eds. 2018. Spätantike Bibliotheken: Leben und Lesen in den frühen Klöstern Ägyptens. Nilus: Studien zur Kultur Ägyptens und des Vorderen Orients, vol. 14. Vienna: Phoibos. 126.

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Sofia Heim, 2021
Suggested citation
Sofia Heim, 2021, "Artefact ID 755", 4CARE database - Fourth-Century Christian Archaeological Record of Egypt,